1963 Red Corvette Roadster Convertible, Pro-touring $ 350,000

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This 1963 Red Corvette Roadster Convertible sounds like an incredible build with some top-of-the-line upgrades and customizations. The LS3 engine with 480 horsepower, combined with the T56 super magnum 6-speed transmission and 3.45 to 1 gear ratio, should provide some serious performance and driving enjoyment. The addition of an Art Morrison G2 chassis with IRS and adjustable coilovers, along with the Wilwood Brakes and Schott wheels, should result in excellent handling and stopping power. The hydro-boost brake assist, DeWitt C2 radiator with dual fans, and Vintage Air conditioner are all great touches to improve the driving experience. The interior and convertible top wrapped in tan leather, along with the retro radio and LED exterior lighting, give the car a classic and stylish look. Overall, it appears that a lot of care and attention to detail went into this build.

• Art Morrison G2 chassis IRS, stock + 1.5 inch lower, adjustable coilovers, powder coating done by Elite of chandler

• New, LS3 (376cid)480 hp, T56 super magnum 6 sp. 3.45 to 1 gear ratio

• TractionMax pedal control launch system.

• Drive shaft custom built by AZ driveline

• DeWitt C2 radiator with dual fans

• Custom hydro-boost brake assist

• Tanks inc. Fuel tank, float less level sensor

• Holley fuel pump, C5 fuel filter with internal regulator.

• Wilwood Brakes, 14 inch 6 piston front 4 piston rear

• Schott wheels, MACH V EXL D.COCAVE custom offset.

• Red line Hankook, 275/35zr20, 235/40zr18

• 2016 Camaro red hot color (Creations of chandler)

• Stainless fuel and brake lines • Dakota digital gauges

• Vintage Air conditioner

• CVF racing front drive system, 8 rib serp belt.

• Retro radio with 4 speakers 400 watt Amp

• Interior and convertible top wrapped in tan leather (C & L Interiors of Tempe Az)

• Highflo side pipe exhaust (Michigan)

• GM powertrain computer &wiring harness

• Detroit speed headlight motors, auto open/close with headlight activation.

• LED exterior lighting

• Tint Cartel, ceramic car coating, the gold package, comes with four layers of 9H, and an extra layer on exposed areas. The gold package Ceramic Pro coating comes with a lifetime warranty

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